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Car Accident Settlements for Tennessee

67-Year-Old's Vehicle Struck from Behind

Mr. Krenis represented a 67-year-old man who was injured when his vehicle was struck from behind by another vehicle that had faulty brakes. He was taken to the emergency room where he was treated for back pain and headaches. A CT scan confirmed a compression fracture in his spine and an aggravation of his prior back surgery. Mr. Krenis settled the case for an undisclosed amount.

Severe Motorcycle Injuries when Vehicle Crosses Center Line

Hill-Boren Attorney Ricky Boren recently represented a man that received a severe injury to his leg when a vehicle crossed the center line and struck his motorcycle. The case settled at mediation for $250,000.

Transfer Truck Rear-Ends Van Leaving Eight-Year-Old injured

Jeff Boyd represented an eight-year-old girl who was a passenger in a van that was rear-ended on Interstate 40 by a transfer truck. The girl was airlifted to Lebonheur Medical Center from the scene of the crash. Fortunately, the little girl suffered minor injuries and surgery was not required. She incurred approximately $60,000 in medical charges which Hill-Boren was able to negotiate down to approximately $30,000. The case was settled for $184,500 and $60,000 was placed in a structured annuity which will pay the child lump sum payments at age 21, 25, and 30. The guaranteed payments from the annuity will be in excess of $90,000.

Tragic Auto Accident Lead to Death

Robert Hill represented a man who was driving his vehicle north bound on a county road when a vehicle traveling south bound was hit by a local city employee. The employee was turning onto the road and hit another vehicle, sending her spinning out of control into the north bound lane. This vehicle then struck the victim’s vehicle head on. The victim was killed. Robert Hill settled the case with the city for a confidential amount on behalf of the victim’s family.

Driver Doesn't Stop at Stop Sign Leading to Accident

Tamara Hill secured a settlement for policy limits for a driver, after her vehicle was hit by another driver who ignored a stop sign and pulled out, striking the side of her vehicle. The driver missed time at work and sustained soft tissue injuries. The amount of the settlement is confidential.

Truck Pulls Out In Front of Motorcycle - Policy Enforced

Robert Hill represented a West Tennessee man who was severely injured when a truck pulled out in front of his motorcycle. The case did not have to go to trial. A confidential settlement for policy limits was reached.

Driver Hits a Man in a Wheelchair - Case Settled for 10,500

Mr. Krenis represented a man who was struck by a turning vehicle. The victim was crossing the street in his motorized wheelchair, when a vehicle turned left and struck him, despite the fact that he was wearing a reflective safety vest. Fortunately, he only suffered minor injuries. James Krenis settled the case for $10,500.

Jackson Driver Rear-Ended - Rewarded $10,500

James Krenis recently represented a Jackson man who was rear-ended by another vehicle at a red light. The driver who hit him admitted to being distracted. Krenis's client accumulated $4,000 in medical bills and he lost time at work due to his injuries. The case was settled for $10,500.

Boyd Settles Case for $130,000

Jeff Boyd represented a family of three that were rear ended in slow traffic on the Interstate by a tour bus when they were traveling back to Tennessee. The family sustained damage to the automobile and minor injuries. Boyd settled the case for $130,000.

$130,000 Settlement from Motorcycle Accident

Hill-Boren Attorney Ricky Boren recently represented a man whose shoulder and collarbone were severely injured, when someone pulled out in front of his motorcycle, causing a collision. The case settled for the payment of $130,000.

Accident Victim Receives $500,000 Settlement for Broken Arm and Wrist

Attorney Ricky Boren represented a woman who was struck by a construction company truck that ran a red light. She sustained a significant broken arm and wrist, which had to be repaired with plates and screws. She had difficulty in healing and ultimately had to have additional surgery. She sustained medical expenses of approximately $170,000 and was instructed that it would not be wise for her to return to her former job in production. A settlement was reached for the payment of $500,000 from the construction company to cover the victim’s medical expenses and lost wages.

18-Wheeler Crash Verdict of $1.51 Million Upheld in Appeals Court

Three young West Tennessee brothers were rear-ended on I-40 in a construction zone by an 18-wheeler. All three sustained horrific injuries. The brothers sought out Hill Boren to be their representation and Attorney Jeff Boyd took their case to trial. The jury returned a verdict for the three brothers of $1.51 million. The case was appealed by the defendants, but the Court of Appeals, Western Section, affirmed the jury verdict and let it stand.

Man Suffers Knee Injury From Car Wreck – Awarded $50,000

Attorney James R. Krenis represented a victim who was injured in a wreck when a car trying to cross the highway from a side road struck him. The client suffered a knee injury, which required two surgeries and lost time from work. After receiving powerful representation from Mr. Krenis, the victim was awarded $50,000 for his injury and lost wages.

48 Year-Old Woman Severely Injured in Car Wreck – Receives $215,000

A 48 year-old woman was severely injured in an automobile accident when another driver ran a stop sign and hit her vehicle. The victim sustained a subdural hematoma and significant injury to her leg. She sought out Hill Boren to handle her case and Attorney Ricky Boren fought for her rights as a victim. The case recently settled at mediation for $215,000 to pay for her medical bills, pain and suffering.

Injured Truck Driver Receives $650,000 Settlement

A West Tennessee truck driver was severely injured when another truck ran a red light and hit him. The victim had surgery on his neck and back, but is still unable to return to work. He sought out Hill Boren to represent him and seek out payment for over $100,000 in medical expenses. Mr. Ricky Boren fought for the victim and he was awarded approximately $650,000 for his medical bills and lost wages.

Victim’s Family Wins Judgment from the State of Tennessee for $300,000

Hill Boren was asked to represent the family of a victim who died after wrecking on a Tennessee highway. Because of the poor highway maintenance, water was allowed to pool on the highway, causing the victim’s car to lose control. The victim was killed when an oncoming driver went through the collected water, lost control and stuck the victim. Mr. Chris Taylor of Hill Boren brought the suit against the State of Tennessee for failing to maintain its highways. An award of $300,000 was given to the family for their pain and suffering.

Automobile Collides with Horse - $35,000 Settlement

A twenty-three year-old woman was on her way to work in West Tennessee in the early morning hours with two passengers. Her car collided with a horse that had strayed from its fenced area and was standing in the driver's lane. One of her passengers was killed and the other was injured. The driver received multiple facial lacerations and a fractured nose and missed approximately two months of work. She contacted Hill Boren for representation in her case against the horse’s owner. Her case was quickly settled for $35,000 to cover her medical bills and lost wages.

Wrongful Death of Two Sisters - $900,000 Settlement Awarded to Family

Two West Tennessee sisters were killed on the way to work when they were struck head-on by a tractor-trailer truck. The family of the victims asked Hill Boren to represent them in their case against the truck driver and trucking company. Attorney Ricky Boren represented the family and a settlement was reached for both wrongful deaths in the amount of $900,000. This high settlement case reflects the increased value of wrongful death cases now that the spouse and the children of the deceased can recover for their loss of love and companionship.

Victim of Neck Injury Awarded $90,000

A 60 year-old Perry County, Tennessee resident was backed into at a low rate of speed while waiting for a wreck to clear ahead of her. X-rays showed her to have major degenerative changes in her neck even though she had claimed to have no prior neck problems. Her treating neurosurgeon ultimately performed surgery to remedy her degenerative disc condition and testified that her condition was made symptomatic by the accident. She contacted Hill Boren about representing her in her case against the other driver. Attorney Ricky Boren fought for her and won a settlement in the amount of $95,000 to cover her medical bills.

Truck Accident Causes Severely Broken Arm & Leg - $127,500 Settlement Awarded

A 33 year-old lady was struck head on by a tractor-trailer truck and broke both bones in her left forearm and suffered a broken left leg. These fractures required the insertion of pins to hold the bone fragments together. The victim’s medical expenses were approximately $30,000. Even though she had sustained no permanent disability under the AMA guides, her treating physician stated she would have a permanent problem with pain and swelling. She contacted Hill Boren to be her representation during her case against the truck driver and trucking company. Mr. Ricky Boren was able to fight and win a settlement in the amount of $127,500 to assist with her medical bills and future disability.

$200,000 Settlement Awarded for Tractor Trailer and Car Accident

A woman and her two small children were struck broad side in their vehicle when a semi-truck hauling a mobile home disregarded a traffic signal. The mother suffered a closed head injury and her seven-year-old son suffered facial scarring. The injured mother contacted Hill Boren to represent her in her case against the truck driver and trucking company. Mr. Robert Hill represented the family and a $200,000 settlement was reached prior to trial to help pay their medical bills.

Truck Accident Results in Knee Replacement and Shoulder Surgery - $330,000 Awarded

A 61 year-old cook was run over by a tractor-trailer walking across the parking lot into her place of business. The force from the truck knocked her to the ground. Due to her injuries she had to have a knee replacement and shoulder surgery and ended up retiring from her job. She asked Hill Boren to represent her in her case against the truck driver and trucking company. Hill Boren also noted that she could fight for her worker’s compensation settlement. The automobile case was settled pre-trial for $270,000 and the worker’s compensation case was settled for over $60,000.

79 year-old Man Injured by Tractor-Trailer - $50,000 Settlement Awarded

A 79 year-old West Tennessee gentleman was injured in an automobile accident when he was rear ended by a tractor-trailer on Interstate 40. As a result of the accident, he had a subdural hematoma, which resulted in about $12,000 in medical bills at the Nashville VA hospital. A surgical procedure was required to take care of the victim’s hematoma. Hill Boren worked with the VA Hospital to reduce the victim’s medical bills to $2,400. They also fought the truck driver and trucking company on behalf of the victim and he was awarded a $50,000 settlement in a lump sum to help pay his medical bills.

Car Accident Head Injury Victim Awarded $50,000

A 49 year-old Gibson County resident was hit in the side of his pick-up causing it to flip over. He had to be air lifted to the hospital in Madison County where he was treated for an injured hip and concussion. The victim spent approximately four days in the hospital and incurred approximately $12,000 in medical expenses. Hill Boren represented the victim in his fight against the other driver. The victim was awarded a pre-trial settlement of $50,000, which was paid in a lump sum.

Car Wreck Causing Neck Injury – Victim Awarded $97,500

A West Tennessee resident was in the middle line of cars waiting to make a left turn when the car behind them was struck by a delivery truck and knocked forward into the victim’s car. The wreck caused a neck injury for the victim, which required surgery and six weeks of time off from work. The victim’s medical bills totaled $17,000. They contacted Hill Boren about representation, and a settlement of $97,500 was reached before the suit was filed.

Truck Driver Causes Accident - $130,000 Awarded to Victim

The driver of a furniture truck parked on a corner waved another driver out from a side street into the path of an unsuspecting driver. The injured victim, in her 30's, suffered a back injury and had to have surgery. She asked Hill Boren to represent her in her fight against the other driver and the furniture company. Hill Boren fought both and settlements were reached separately with the driver who pulled out ($50,000) and with the furniture company ($80,000).

Negligent Highway Paving Causes Injury – Victim Awarded $2.27 Million

A nineteen year-old student lost control of their vehicle during a rainstorm, colliding with another vehicle in the on-coming lane. The accident caused severe brain injuries and a coma for the student. The victim’s family contacted Hill Boren to represent them in their lawsuit against a paving company and the State of Tennessee for negligent paving of highway which resulted in "pooling" of water on highway which caused the student’s loss of control. After a fight for the victim’s rights by Mr. Robert Hill and Mr. Wells of Hill Boren, the case settled in a $2,270,000 lump sum payment before the beginning of the trial. The paving company paid two million dollars, and $270,000 was paid by the State of Tennessee to aid the victim with their medical bills and pain and suffering.

Tractor-trailer Wreck Causes Brain Injury – Victim Awarded $950,000 Settlement

A fifty year-old Madison County woman suffered severe brain trauma when a low-boy truck and trailer pulled in front of her vehicle. The victim’s vehicle went under the low trailer, shearing the car’s top off and inflicting severe head injury and coma. The victim had to endure lengthy hospitalization and rehabilitation. Hill Boren was asked to represent the victim in her fight against the trucking firm. Mr. Robert Hill fought and won a pre-trial settlement from the insurance carrier for the trucking firm for a $950,000 lump sum payment to compensate the victim for her injuries.

Six Teenagers Die When a Church Bus is Struck by Truck - $1.6 Million Settlement

A church bus from Texas was returning from church camp when it was struck head-on by a gravel truck on the wrong side of the road in Benton County, Tennessee. Six teenage passengers were killed in the collision. The families of the victims brought a suit against the gravel company and the contractor to whom he was delivering gravel, with Mr. Ricky Boren of Hill Boren serving as the lead council in the case. The courts awarded $1.6 million settlement to the families to compensate for their pain and suffering.

Dyer County, TN Couple Awarded $125,000 for Wreck Injuries

An eighty-four year-old man and a seventy-nine year-old woman from Dyer County were rear-ended. He suffered a fractured hand and had $2,400 in medical bills. She suffered a fractured back and spent eight days in the hospital. Her medical bills totaled $21,400. They contacted Hill Boren to represent them in their fight for compensation. Hill Boren won a pre-trial settlement for the husband in the amount of $25,000 and a settlement for the wife for $100,000.

Head-on Collision with Tractor-Trailer – Victim Receives $750,000 Settlement

A tractor-trailer topped a hill and discovered that a car was stopped to make a left-hand turn. The truck driver could not stop, lost control of the tractor-trailer and collided with the victim’s vehicle head-on. The victim sustained severe orthopedic injuries to both of her legs and her passenger was killed. She contacted Hill Boren for help in fighting the truck driver and trucking company. The victim had $36,000 in medical bills at the time of settlement and was still under treatment by her physician. The case was settled for $750,000.